> Management and administration

  • Convening the meeting of the owners; establishing the budget of revenues and expenses for each year;
  • Verifying the existence of insurance against the risk of fire, proposing the amount of the insured capital to the assembly;
  • Collecting revenue and dealing with common expenses;
  • Requiring owners their share of the approved costs;
  • Performing the notary acts of duties on the common property;
  • Regulating the use of common things and the provisioning of services of common interest; executing the resolutions of the meeting of the owners;
  • Realizar os actos conservatórios dos direitos relativos aos bens comuns;
  • Representing all of the owners before the administrative authorities;/li>
  • reporting to the owners’ assembly;
  • Ensuring the implementation of the regulation and the legal and administrative provisions relating to the condominium; keeping and maintaining all the documents related to the condominium.

> Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning and sanitising of common areas according to the defined schedule, to ensure the best conditions of hygiene, safety and usage to the condominium.

> Maintenance and technical assistance

  • Keeping the condominium in perfect conditions in an economical and efficient way means paying attention to every detail and repairing any minor anomalies immediately. This ensures, on the one hand, the safe use of space and equipment, and on the other, a fine visual appearance.

> Gardens

  • We provide all the services related to the construction and maintenance of gardens with the utmost competence and effectiveness, from mowing, scarifying the lawn, maintaining plants, hedges and shrubs, combating invasive plants on the sidewalks and borders of flowerbeds, cleaning dead plant materials on the lawn, planning and restructuring the green areas and creating watering systems appropriate to each specific space.

> Swimming pools

  • The pools are taken care of with the utmost care and competence.
  • We guarantee that, both in times of increased affluence and during the winter, the pools are properly cared for:
    • We carry out the water disinfection, in order to prevent any microbial activity;
    • We filtrate the water, removing dirt from it to maintain it crystal clear;
    • We vacuum the pool, and we also winterise it - at the end of the bathing season, we work very hard to prevent the water and the equipment’s degradation during the winter.

> Insurance

  • We support our customers in a personalized way, paying full attention to their needs and calculating the most effective way to solve their problems together with their partners.
  • cs condomínios develops its work methodically, accurately and in a precise way, with complete independence and objectivity. With a global pack of services of the insurance market on offer, we firmly represent the best interests of our clients with the insurers and/or partners.
  • cs condomínios has as a principle and a natural duty to offer its clients the most appropriate insurance coverage, after analysing their specific needs. After detecting them, identifying and assessing the responsibilities involved, we offer the best price, the best cost - coverage ratio. We present different proposals for solutions to respond to risks and values to be insured adequate to the clients’ needs and specific indications.

> Legal support

  • It is a service provided by our legal department, which offers a highly personalized service of excellence at cs condomínios. With specific training and extensive professional experience, our team in the legal support area provide our clients with a full choice of enforcement of interests, always in a personalized way and in a personal accountability spirit, which results in swiftness, rigour, efficiency, and, consequently, cost savings for the clients.